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Yamaha DTX502 Hybrid Packs
January 24, 2015

NAMM 2015: Mapex and Yamaha advance the world of hybrid drumming

The continued merging of the worlds of acoustic and electronic drumming was made most apparent by Mapex and Yamaha this year.

Mapex NFUZD Electronic Drum Conversion Pads


Over four years in the making, Mapex unveiled their new NFUZD electronic drum conversion kits that easily turns any acoustic kit into a powerful electronic kit. NFUZD pads are full-sized to fit on top of a drum in a matter of seconds, without removing the head or hoop. They also feature integration with drum sampling program BFD, giving users access to thousands of kits with over 55GB of 24-bit samples to choose from. Pads will be available in packs (ex: 10″, 12″, 16″, 14″ snare, kick, hats, ride and crash) or a la carte as separate products.

Mapex NFUZD Electronic Drum Conversion Pads

Yamaha DTX502 Hybrid Packs

Yamaha’s new DTX502 Hybrid Packs provide a right-out-of-the-box solution for drummers who want to integrate electronic elements into their acoustic drumming. The SC2HP587 pack consists of a five-piece Stage Custom Birch acoustic drum set with Yamaha 700 Series hardware, a DTX502 module, two acoustic drum triggers (intended for kick and snare) and two electronic drum pads (the 7″ TP70 single zone pad, and the 8″ XP80 3-zone pad. It also includes cables for the triggers and all the necessary clamps and mounts. All components will also be available a la carte to add to any existing acoustic or electronic kit. Due to the fact that Yamaha has been making high-quality acoustic drums since 1967, and electronic drums since 1986, they feel no other company is better equipped to be on the forefront of the booming hybrid drumming industry.

Yamaha DTX502 Hybrid Packs

Yamaha also demonstrated their vast developments in IOS software integration for their electronic drum modules. All of their DTX drums now feature apps that allow far easier and more intuitive operation of brain navigation, presets, and further expansion of the kits.

Yamaha DTX IOS Integration

NAMM 2015: NEW Roland RT-30 Drum Triggers

Roland RT-30 Drum Triggers

Roland announced the release of their new line of RT-30 drum triggers at NAMM 2015. Foolproof to use, easier than ever to setup, smaller and sleeker profile, AND each trigger is even $10 cheaper than their previous RT-10 line. The new line features the single-zone RT-30H for toms, RT-30K for kick drums, and dual-zone RT-30HR for snare drums. The triggers are made from fiberglass-reinforced ABS, feature side-mounted output jacks, and are compatible with TD-series V-Drums sound modules, SPD-series percussion pads, and Roland’s TM-2 Trigger Module. The triggers will replace the RT-10 line, and are expected to be available by March 2015.