August 5, 2013

Product Review: Tama STAR Drums

Tama STAR Drums are something we’re very excited about here at Rhythm Traders. These drums definitely give anyone shopping for a high-end kit something to think about. With 16 finishes, two different wood types, and more component drums than we can count, these kits are meant to be built from the ground up to your exact specifications.

Tama STAR Drum Set in Satin Antique Brown, NAMM 2013

Tama brought some serious eye-candy to NAMM 2013 with their STAR Drums

The two wood types – Bubinga and Maple – each have some unique finishes along with the 7 finishes available in either type. You can see them all below:

Bubinga-Only Finishes
Dark Green Cordia – CDKG Dark Red Cordia – CDKR
Tama STAR Dark Green Cordia CDKG Tama STAR Dark Red Cordia CDKR
Satin Natural Cordia – CSTN Natural Indian Laurel – LNTI
Tama STAR Satin Natural Cordia CSTN Tama STAR Natural Indian Laurel LNTI
Maple-Only Finishes
Super Maple – SMP Satin Amber Gold – SAG
Tama STAR Super Maple SMP Tama STAR Satin Amber Gold SAG
Satin Antique Brown – SAB Satin Burgundy Red – SBD
Tama STAR Satin Antique Brown SAB Tama STAR Satin Burgundy Red SBD
      Satin Dark Mocha – SDM
Tama STAR Satin Dark Mocha SDM
Finishes for both Bubinga and Maple
Blue Gray Metallic – BGM Dark Burgundy Metallic – DBM
Tama STAR Blue Gray Metallic BGM Tama STAR Dark Burgundy Metallic DBM
Satin Blue Metallic – SBM Satin Green Metallic – SGM
Tama STAR Satin Blue Metallic SBM Tama STAR Satin Green Metallic SGM
Antique White – ATW Smoky Black – SKB
Tama STAR Antique White ATW Tama STAR Smoky Black SKB
Vintage Sea Blue – VSB
Tama STAR Vintage Sea Blue VSB

Tama has perfected these kits, inside and out. You can see below the detail they put into hand-finishing even the inside of the shells.

Bubinga wood, inside shell

Bubinga wood with optional inlay

Maple wood shell

Maple wood shell

Tama says that these drums are fun to play. We’d like to add that they’re also fun to look at and listen to! Check out our STAR Drums page for more information, or just give us a call at 503-288-6950.