February 28, 2013

JUST IN: Sabian Hoop Crasher

Photo of Sabian Hoop Crasher

It’s finally here!

This is a product we’ve been anxiously awaiting ever since we were introduced to it by master drummer Jojo Mayer at NAMM 2013. The Hoop Crasher sits on any 14″ snare, adding a thick, effected sound to your backbeats. In these digital days, a simple one-layer snare drum sound has always left something to be desired for drummers into fusion sounds such as drum n’ bass, and other electronically-oriented dance music genres. And while using triggers or any other means of digital enhancement has always been an option, it too left something to be desired for those of us that would much rather hear an organic sound than electronic. That’s exactly where the Hoop Crasher saves the day. Whether you are using it mic’d or not, it adds a thick layer of effected sizzle and white noise that requires no digital or electronic assistance to distort, thus sounding truer to the acoustic dynamics of your drums.

Photo of Sabian Hoop Crasher

The Hoop Crasher was voted Best in Show at NAMM 2013 by Rhythm Trader’s owner Brad Boynton and others.

This concept has been in the making for awhile now, and players have stacked everything from tambourines to cracked splashes and china cymbals on top of their snare drums to achieve a similar layered, distorted sound. But never before has anything came close to the simplicity, adjustability, and quality of sound that Sabian’s Hoop Crasher serves up. Find out more and hear it for yourself on our Hoop Crasher product page.