February 27, 2013


Photo of JCR Bells

JCR: The epitome of Latin and Salsa bells.

We are once again fully stocked on all JCR bells! Those of you in Latin and Samba music scenes should know that these hand-made bells are as good as gold, and we can never keep them around for long. JCR bells leave all of their mass-produced counterparts in the dust with their perfectly warm and rich tones, and that’s why they are played by more professionals than any other bells in the world! One of our personal favorites is the low pitched Bongo Bell. It sounds like it was “The Bell” that was used on many classic Salsa recordings. Which makes perfect sense, considering a lot of those New York recordings were created not far where JCR bells are made in the Bronx. We visited that JCR factory not long ago, and met with veteran bell maker Cali Rivera and his team of craftsmen. Check out photos from the trip here