February 22, 2013

Product Review: Mapex Black Panther Snare Drums

photo of Black Panther Snare Drums

14 to choose from, each designed to PERFECTION (click above to hear)

Every drummer deserves a snare drum that they absolutely love. Its easily the most important element in any drum set, and if you haven’t found your dream snare yet, LISTEN UP! Mapex has worked closely with their drum design team and a panel of international Mapex Artists to craft a line of hand-built, hand-finished premium snare drums that are each the product of decades of expertise. Whatever sound you’re looking for, you can find a perfect match in one of their fourteen pristine models. Whether you want the dark, dry, sensitive sound of the 6-ply Maple Fastback or the bright, open, loud sound of the 1mm Steel-bodied Machete, they have a snare drum that will make you say “Oh yeah, that’s the one!”. We’ve already sold through a bunch, and everyone agrees that these snares are sonically, and stylistically, some of the finest ever made! Give them a look (and a listen) on our Black Panther Snare Drums product pages, and discover your dream snare today!