November 12, 2012

Thomas Lang 2012 V-Drum Clinic Photos

Photo of 2012 Thomas Lang Clinic

Lang demonstrating the amazing power of Roland V-Drums

We thought we knew how all-powerful and amazing Thomas Lang was from his DVDs, and we thought we knew how all-powerful and amazing the Roland TD-30KV-S was from playing on it every day in the shop – in both cases WE HAD NO IDEA! Over the course of a couple hours, our minds were blown time and time again as Thomas demonstrated the limitless capabilities of Roland V-Drums, and the amazing speed and precision of his playing. And as if that wasn’t enough, he was also an all-around funny and friendly guy with priceless insight into his craft and career. It was enough to make almost everyone in attendance take home a copy of his Creative Coordination DVD and get to work, including us!

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