November 27, 2011

Portland Drum Fair 2011 Photos

A photo of some of the vintage gear at the 2011 Portland Drum Fair

A drum collector’s heaven

Our second annual Portland Drum Fair was held in 2011 at the Wonder Ballroom with our good friends at Revival Drum Shop. Like the 2010 Portland Drum Fair, it was one of the great events of the year for drum worshipers of all kinds. There were performances by professional drummers including Brass Roots, Lauren Newman, DJ Beacon Sound, DJ Big Drum, Lisa Schonberg & Heather Treadway, DJ John Moen, Todd Roper & Andy Korn Drum Duo, DJ Carlton Jackson, Tim Duroche, Daniel Hunt, DJ Aquaman, John Niekrasz, Sambagata, Daniel Glass, & DJ Cooky Parker.

A photo of Daniel Glass performing at the 2011 Drum Fair

Daniel Glass performance at the 2011 Portland Drum Fair

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